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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mrs. Pekin gets rescued and Snowie Baby Update

I finally was able to catch Mrs. Pekin and take her to a new home.  She was traumatized from the experience and was really scared being at the new place all alone.  But, seemed to be OK and even started eating and drinking.  She's being treated for her wounds and given vitamins.  However, she's having problems breathing and may be sick.

This morning, I found her mate, Mr. Pekin alone and looking for Mrs. Pekin.  I told him she's not coming back, though she misses him.  He left the area shortly afterwards and seemed sad.

These three ducks were following Mr. Pekin around, but they seemed like they weren't being aggressive.  I think they were trying to cheer him up and wanted to be with him.  But, he didn't want to be near them.

A surprise!  Sissy Duck is alive and not in bad shape. I saw her being attacked by the same duck that was attacking Mrs. Pekin the night I caught her and injured another wild mallard.

Runner Duck came to her aid.

Snowie is down to one baby and Runner Duck, unfortunately, keeps trying to attack her when she's on the lawn.  The thing is, when he can't get to her, he attacks the baby when she flies off.  I don't know how much longer her baby is going to make it.

The other baby that was stolen from her is doing well and is having no problems:

The Canada goose family is still with five goslings:

I saw these two Pekins last week, but thought they were with the other groups.  Nope, they're new.  That makes 11 adult male Pekin ducks:

The mom with three ducklings, two big and one small, is still around.  The babies are about five weeks old now and love to dive after their food.

I saw both baby ospreys flying from the nest.  Here they are with Mom osprey:

When the babies were in the nest alone, Mom kept watch on them:

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