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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Snowie's baby is returned and other baby bird news

Snowie's stolen duckling was still with his ducklingnapper this morning, snuggled against her while they swam.  But, later, she went back to Snowie's family, which still contained 7 babies, and he mixed in with his brothers and sisters:

When the family moved on, he went with him, but mostly stayed by himself.  However, when he felt uncomfortable, he went back to Snowie.  The other female took a nap and later went looking for the family and, when she found them, she stayed nearby.

Snowie was having a hard time with her mate and her son.  She has her mad mama face on while she chased her son away:

Still 5 goslings in the same area.  They're starting to get big:

One of the goslings has zooming around under water:

Dad seems confused as to where his gosling went (he's under the water) .  But, the gosling was fine:

There's still three babies in the front heron's nest.  The other two in the other nest seem to have completely fledged:

It appears that the two baby osprey that were left in the nest have fledged.  I think one even returned.

Baby Blue and his mate whom I found out was named Ducky Ducky by the man who dumped her:

Mrs. Pekin looks absolutely awful.  She is now the last surviving domestic female dumped before last September.  I hope she gets better.  Little Sissy, the buff, is dead.  

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