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Monday, May 19, 2014


The first ever Canada goslings have been hatched at Lake Murray recently.  You may remember me posting about the mother goose on a nest earlier.

Dad goose kept photobombing me.  He frequently put himself between me and the goslings:

Skinny-neck mom and dad:

Copying dad:

This juvenile heron was actually hanging out by a trash can with the gulls.  He actually was nibbling at food in the trash and on the ground.  Someone needs to tell him he's not a gull, but a heron and they only eat fresh food.  He did show interest in catching the grackles flying around:

This gull has an overgrown bill.  I've been watching him a while and he seems to be able to eat OK:

Earlier last week, someone found a duckling wandering around the lake road where it could get run over. There was also another duckling all alone, but he couldn't be caught.   After a few hours, I found Butterscotch and her day-old ducklings.  I released him to her and he seemed very happy to be back with his siblings and mother:

They stayed alive for several days, but after about five days, only two were left.  Today, I saw none.  At least that one duckling got to spend time with his family even if he didn't make it.

We had some terrible fires and hot and dry weather.  People lost homes and many birds nests were destroyed.  I think the dry weather was a factor in a hummingbird nest I was monitoring because it fell apart and the baby fell out of the nest and died.  The other egg was already internally pipped, but abandoned.  Here is a photo of the little baby.  He has some nesting material attached to him:

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