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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Heron news and stalking squirrels

I found out that there were a total of at least 5 baby herons in the two nests.  2 in one nest and 3 in the other.  The 2 in the one nest were already fledging.

One of the older baby herons decided he wanted to go eat squirrels.  There are people who regularly leave grain for the squirrels and this heron was taking advantage of that.  The crow was suspicious and, after having a few bites, left the scene.

I got a shot of the heron trying to attack the squirrel, but it was cut off at the bottom.  He missed.  When the squirrels ran into the reeds, he went after them.  But, it looked like he was going to miss out of having squirrel for breakfast.  Unfortunately, there used to be three ducklings around there, too, but they were not seen.

In other news, here's a photo of a Cassin's kingbird on top of a speed limit sign:

Bigboi and Runner Duck:

And, Little Sissy is doing OK after the death of her sister, Big Sissy.  While it looks like she's going to eat that fishing line on that log, she actually didn't and went on to find other types of food.

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