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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Baby update for Lake Murray

Snowie still has her one duckling:

However, her other duckling was all alone screaming his head off.  I couldn't see the leucastic mama anywhere.  A gull heard him and went over to see if he could get the duckling, but the duckling was very smart, hid, and stayed very quiet.  You almost couldn't see him.  I'm glad I was there because the Cooper's hawk was nearby and, I think, looking for him, too.  But, the mama eventually came back after about a half hour or so and led him away.

A new mama with three bitties leading them into a bad area.  I think this was one of the females who hung around Oreo's gang.

Now for the goslings.  Here's papa goose with the yellow headed gosling that likes to hang around dad.   He's a bossy one and I think he might be a male:

Mama goose standing guard nearby:

Two goslings:

Mom and three goslings:

Leading them back up:

The yellow-headed gosling running up the hill:

Also, while I was there, a least bittern came out in the open.  However, my camera lens wasn't working right because I dropped the bag my camera was in.  By the time I got it fixed, he had gone into the reeds.  This was the best picture I got:

What's up with these two killdeer?  They were found soaking wet, but they could still fly.  They seemed to be mates and did friendly peeps to each other:

Mrs. Pekin is doing very well in her new home.  I didn't see Sissy duck today and Ducky Ducky, the newly dumped orange duck, was also missing.  I'm a little worried about her.

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