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Monday, June 16, 2014

Update on the popular birds

Here is an update about the more popular birds at Lake Murray.  First, Screamy the killdeer was seen and heard today.  It appears that he didn't find a mate this year.

Ducky Ducky is beginning to look beat up.  Also, she's taken to wandering around the lake and I suspect the Pekins on the other side of the lake have been the ones doing this to her.

Mr. Pekin and Big Bumblefoot sleeping together.  The other male in their group went missing.  he was part of the "Four Babies" dumped about two years ago or so.  Now, there's only "Two Babies":

I think this was that newer Pekin dumped a few months ago.:

Pepper is doing just great:

There's a new buff duck at the lake:

A duck that was dropped off from Project Wildlife says hello and wonders where the treats are:

The goslings have gotten big and are getting their adult feathers now.  So, they kinda look weird:

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