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Monday, October 21, 2013

More scaup, gadwalls and other water birds

Lake Murray is getting even more scaup.  I understand that they're a bit early this year.  

It looks like most of the ones that have arrived are young males.

Gadwalls are increasing.  Here is a trio along with a wood duck:

The male will answer to the name "Gaddy", but I know it's not Gaddy because he's already in his beautiful smooth gray colors and hanging out with his mallard girlfriend.

So many coots have arrived at the lake.  They are spread out over every inch:

The sora, a winter favoirte, is also already here:

I thought I would throw in this photo of Pink Legs, the young western gull, practicing his fishing.  Most gulls don't make it to full maturity at three to four years old.  Pink Legs looks to be between one and two years old, so he's got a chance.  Most gulls that die do so their first year then mortality drops off.


  1. Hi
    What times do the mallard and wood duck have their ducklings at Lake Murray and where are Tree box nest located at the lake?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Santiago. Most of the ducks breed in the spring, usually from March to July. I did not see any wood duck babies this year, though. Their nest boxes are near where the fence is at the end at the 3.2 mile mark. I think they are beyond the fence.