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Monday, October 14, 2013

Long-billed dowitcher and RIP Jill the goose

Long-billed dowitcher hiding behind some tall grass

A long-billed dowitcher had decided to stop and get something to eat at Lake Murray this morning.  Here he is with a mallard:

This teal was following me around and making a big racket.

Baby Blue might not be a blue Swedish duck afterall.  I think he's part runner and part Swedish:

Here's a video of the little duck:

There haven't been too many gulls other than the usual western gulls which breed here in San Diego.  And, there's only been a few juveniles, all of them are first years:

Mama osprey came back to her nest:

And, sad news.  When I went to feed Jill, I found her laying on the ground, dead.  I don't think she lived much longer than when I last saw her yesterday when she refused to eat.  Here's a photo from her last week when she seemed a little better.

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