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Friday, October 11, 2013

Baby Blue survives a cold rainy day and night

I was really worried about Baby Blue, the half-grown duckling, surviving a cold, rainy day and night.  He's not fully feathered, so he's likely to get chilled.  But, there he was this morning.  He doesn't scream and yell like he used to.

Here he is following the big flock of ducks.  Most of the ducks don't like him because he's still a baby.  Oreo is the only duck that I've seen who is not mean to him.  After Oreo settled down, Baby Blue sat next to him.

Rubber band is still alive and doing well as are Eileen and her brothers.  You can really see the mallard in her in this photo:

Here is a video of the Rubber Band ducks I took today.  For some reason, Eileen is mad at one of her sons.  I think she wants them to leave because they are starting to mature.  She doesn't seem to mind Rubber Band being around and they're often alone together.

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