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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Squeak and Pollux's Babies (with photos)

Pollux and Chick

Squeak and Pollux's chicks are now almost a month old.  They should be flying in about a week to ten days.  This is actually the first time I've gotten a good look a them.  I think two of them might be females and one really tiny one might be a male.  This one female was really bold and didn't seem to mind me taking her picture.

At one time, when I was taking pictures, Squeak "growled" at me to get me to look at her so that her chicks can get away.

I think this is a photos of Miracle, across the lake:

 I'm not sure who this is, but he/she has a spotted chest band like Georgina did:

The two "sisters" of the duck that was rescued a few days ago are still alive, but are still hanging around where they were dropped off.

I forced them into the water so that they could get a drink of water as they appeared dehydrated.  They even found a little algae to eat.  But, within a few minutes, they were back at their spot.

Bossy was seen and he's still has a ring!  I don't know where it was all this time.  It looks like if he gives it one more push, he can get it off.  Either that or this is a new ring.

I saw this "stumpy" duck with a folded up tail.  He looks like Stubby, one of Cinnamon's boyfriends.  Perhaps they're related.

These are the ducklings from the 10 that hatched in early April.  There are two left, but the third one might still be around.  Later, when I came back, the mom was all alone.  So, I think that these ducklings are probably staying on their own more often.

I think this is "mama's little weakling", the one that I thought wouldn't make it the first day.

Fish Food Mama still has her five babies:

When I first arrived this morning, I saw the red-shouldered hawk attack the family, but mom managed to distract it and all five (and mom) got away.  I haven't seen the hawk since.  I have a feeling that that type of thing probably happens several times a day every day to this family.  I hope nothing happens to the mom as these babies would be doomed to be orphaned at this age.

I didn't see the mom with three.  I saw the juvenile herons with something that looked like a duckling about the size of the five above, but it might have also been a squirrel.

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