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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More ducklings!

There's only two ducklings left out of the six in this family.  The little rouen duckling lives on.  They are now 11 days old.  I think this is the oldest I've ever seen her raise any ducklings.  Both ducklings seem healthy and active.


The males were harassing the mother, so she put her unhappy face on:

Following behind mama:

Best buddies:

I thought this mom had 6 ducklings, but I can only find 5 in all my photographs.    

At one time, she flew away, leaving the ducklings alone!  There was a heron nearby, but she came back to them.  Then, she and the heron crossed paths!  I was too far away to see if she lost any, but I know that some of them did survive, if not all of them.  I think the heron was more concerned with the guy fishing in the floating tube nearby.

These are 3 new ones under the heron's nest.  I'm not sure who the mom is at this moment:

Here's a wood duck pair I also saw:

And, I think this is George III raining terror and harassment on Junior and Killer Jr.  There was a hawk nearby, so he was being very quiet and I think I woke him up, too:

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