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Monday, May 14, 2012

Good morning baby killdeer and coyotes

When I came to the lake this morning, I was greeted by a bunch of ducks and squirrels waiting to get fed and a small pack of coyotes.  The coyotes were attracted to the ducks waiting in the area for the people who usually come to feed them.

When I went to another area, I was shocked to find Squeak and Pollux who promptly did broken wing acts at me, so I know their chicks are there, though I didn't see or hear them at that time.


Pollux, trying to hide
 Later, though, I went back to the ballfields and Squeak immediately ran up to me and laid down.

Pollux was in the field doing broken wing acts (sorta):

Squeak watched through the fence as I took pictures of Pollux:

All three of their chicks were heard afterward when they calmed down and began to call to them.

I found a new mama duck today.  I think this one might be a Flycatcher mama and the mother of last year's "Friendly Ducklings".  She had six of them:

The mom with five ducklings still has five including the really friendly one that was limping last time I saw him.  He wasn't limping today.  I think this is Peaches, Caramel and Butterscotch's mom, Fish Food Mama.

She's got one really independent duckling that is really friendly.  Here, he's trying to eat a rubber worm lure that a fisherman left behind.  I got it away from him.

Here he is, swimming by himself.

He is in the back of this group:

I also saw a Bullock's oriole, resident in this area.  He didn't give me a good chance at getting his photo:

And, a green heron who seemed to be really interested in something in the reeds.  I think it was another green heron, perhaps his mate or chick:

A word about "Neo":

Neo was spotted today, all alone, without his mother.  He came out, got something to eat and drink, went into a brushy area and disappeared.  I looked, but could not find him anywhere after that.  This is the last good photo I got of him almost a week ago.  He hasn't grown at all, but is starting to get his feathers.  I don't know where his mom went to, but I hope she was nearby as he is still vulnerable to many predators.  Otherwise, he is healthy and energetic.  I have named him "Neo Eht" for now.  He is now 3 1/2 weeks old and only alive because of his will to do so and nothing else.

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