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Monday, May 21, 2012

Another duck rescue, and more duckling photos!

This morning, I found Louie the gander with three new Pekin ducks that look like they had just gotten dropped off.  I thought they were two males and one female.  Louie was standing over the one that looked like a female who was very injured and couldn't walk.  I think I saw Louie make an aggressive move towards her, but he may have been protecting her, it's hard to say.  I thought, at first, she was over-bred by the two males, but now I'm wondering if Louie attacked her as the two males later turned out to be females.

I separated her and managed to find someone to come down and get her.  At first, we couldn't find her, but, later, I found that she had gone back to her two sisters who were panting in the warm day.  Unfortunately, the person who took her didn't have room to take all three.  So, instead of taking two and leaving one alone, we decided it was best to let the two healthier ones stay there.  I am worried about the other two as they seemed really hot and seemed to have no desire to go into the water even though they knew where the water was. When their sister left the lake in a van, they ran around quacking after her for a few minutes.

Here is a picture of her:

The gadwall is spending time across the lake.  He seems to really like this female mallard:

I also saw "Not Pepper":

But, I didn't see the real Pepper and it worries me because it's been a while since he has missed a day where he has been seen.

I think this might be Miracle:

And, Killer Jr.  But, it could also be the male that was in the ballfield and another, unrelated female.  They seemed to be especially bothered by this guy fishing in the area in his inner tube type of float.  I don't know if they just find his flotation device strange or what.

Now for the ducklings.  Fish Food Mama's ducklings are all alive and well and two weeks old today.  However, several cats were seen hunting only ten or fifteen feet away from where the family was feeding this morning.

I also saw the mom with four ducklings (now down to three) and I saw Neo who is also doing well, but didn't have my camera at the time I saw them.  Neo's mom's mate is being a little aggressive with Neo, though.  He is a month old now and will probably be completely independent in a few more weeks.

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