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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kumeyaay Lake

Kumeyaay Lake is part of the Mission Trails Regional Park and is at the most northeastern part of the park near Santee.  They used to allow overnight camping there, but because of budget cuts, there is only day use allowed.

I learned a few new birds while out on this walk.  However, whenever I go out birding with a large group of people, it is hard for me to get close enough to the birds to get good photos.  I only use an 8MP camera, too, so many of my photos look distant.

First, here is a very distant ruddy duck at the Kumeyaay Lake.  I took a photo of it because it looked so pretty with it's red colors:

This ash-throated flycatcher was seen many times.  We also saw a pacific slope flycatcher, too:

I spotted this black-chinned hummingbird:

And, lots and lots of swallows.  Here's a tree swallow on a branch taken while it was very cloudy out.  Also seen were cliff and northern rough-winged swallows:

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