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Monday, February 27, 2012

Waddles is missing

When I went to visit the lake, I heard a strange goose sound like a sick goose, but when I looked around, I couldn't find anything, so I started to take pictures of the ducks.  Unfortunately, my camera battery died and this is the only photo I got.  I think it's one of Caramel's daughters, all grown up and with a mate.  It's a bit blurry.

The geese were all scattered about, but I found all of them except Waddles, the large female goose in the middle of the photos.  Waddles is a bit heavy and sometimes has trouble walking.  But, I think she's lost weight recently and has been doing better.  She had a nest last year, too.  Her mate is the white goose right behind her.  He was extremely quiet today, barely making a sound.  He seemed a little confused, but did not call out for Waddles.  He hung around Baby Goose, the juvenile Canada goose all day.  Usually, he's very vocal, and being part Chinese, easily heard.  Today, though hardly a sound.

Jill the goose is doing well and seems to have chosen one of the Canada geese as her new mate or companion.  She looked like she was getting ready to nest, soon.

I also saw another sick juvenile California gull.  The vultures were waiting for him to die.  I chased the vultures away and the gull was able to walk quickly to the water, but stumbled like a drunk part of the way there.  I'm thinking he swallowed some metal or got botulism like the other gulls that have died.  I checked on him, later, he was out of the water and standing near a tree, not being bothered by the vultures, but they were watching him from above.  They were also circling where I heard the strange goose sounds, too.

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