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Saturday, February 4, 2012

A few photos

4 ballfield killdeer

I took a few photos today, nothing special.  I did see four or five killdeer at the lake.  I couldn't really ID them, but it looked like two males and two females.  I think one was Shy's mate and the others were Shy's mom and Dad.  I'm thinking the smallest killdeer might be Miracle or her sibling.  That would explain why Shy's mate is there, probably to watch over her.

Hurt wing gets attacked:

I wasn't going to check on Cinnamon, but I'm glad I did as I found one of her boyfriends attacking Hurt Wing, the duck with the damaged wing (that was probably hurt in the same way it was being damaged today).  The male was three times bigger than her and she sounded like she was in a lot of pain and tried to get away.  I got them to stop and she was able to get away.  He then attacked another female who could fly away.  A third female wasn't even bothered by him.  

Here she is, not even grateful that I saved her.  She flapped her wings and most of her flight feathers were completely torn. If she could fly before, she can't fly now.  She swam off with her more normal-sized boyfriend.

Here is the perpetrator.  He's usually a pretty nice duck, but today he was a butt-head.

I caught Jill returning from where Louie was this morning.  Of course, she had a chaperon, one of the Canada geese, so I don't know if anything happened.  She seemed to be doing a "swim of shame".  Louie won't follow her across the lake, he seems scared to go over there.  

Louie is acting weird and seemed to be following or herding a bunch of large ducks, mostly Cinnamon's Twin and her boyfriends, into an area where I've never seen geese (but where the swans often went).  The ducks went into the brush and Louie followed, cooing.  

And, finally, here's Bigboi, sleeping in the water with the coots.  I think he knows he blends in very well with the coots.

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