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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Quacker was seen today walking up to people and quacking at them like her old self.  She looked so good. It was another wet and rainy day with only a few people there at first.

This next photo is of Bigboi, the non-flying Cayuga for comparison.

Since it was raining, it was important to groom those feathers for maximum water repelling:

Here are the resident geese (Minus Louie and his Canada goose friend).  All the other geese surround and protect Waddles, the large female Embden.  The whole flock loves her, even Jill.

Later, Baba and his girlfriend went into the water and Baba wanted to mate, but she wasn't ready.  Eventually, they did mate and all the other geese cheered them on as they did so.

The happy couple

Baby Goose is all alone, the other adult Canada goose, who is also Jill's new companion, in the area has been missing for a while.  Baby Goose is old enough to fly and take care of himself, but is still much smaller than an adult Canada goose.

Baby Bob was seen out later than usual.

Here's a common gallinule.  He always makes it impossible for me to take photos of him:

My Anna's hummingbird friend sitting on his branch singing and listening to other males:

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