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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rainy day and wood ducks

It was dark and rainy, so, again, hard to get pictures.  Below is a photo of a bunch of ducks hoping for a handout.  I accounted for all the popular ducks except for Quacker, they flying Cayuga.  She has been completely missing for 10 day now and I think her boyfriend is with her.  Over the last few months, she seemed to be acting like she was sick of human beings and going off to be alone.  Now, Louie the gander is acting the same way, too.

I saw at least four or five wood ducks today.  

Spoonface says "Hi!"

The sora only seems to come out when it rains:

And, finally, from my house here are two hummingbirds that hatched over two weeks ago.  They should be flying soon.

Bad News:

In bad news, another duck was found strangled by fishing line this morning.  I didn't see him when I got there, but a couple hours later, he was found being eaten by vultures.  There was fishing line wrapped around his neck and he looked like he had suffocated like the other duck before.  Scaup usually feed far off shore, so it's a mystery how he got tangled up.

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