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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Killdeer and Duckies!

Squeak and a coot

There were killdeer out this morning.  It looks like three females and George III who seems to be attracted to his cousin, Squeak.  Below, there are two females, possibly George's two other daughters or Dee and with one of the younger females.

In this next photo, I found this killdeer all alone in the ballfields.  I don't know who it is and he wasn't quite shaped like Squiggy, but could me.  He looked a little bit like Shy from the side.  Here he is trying to hide from me.

Spoonface (he just took a drink of water):

Pepper was standing in a way that made him look almost exactly like Buffy, especially in the shade.  I couldn't get a photo of him standing that way, but here he is standing off to the side:


Female lesser scaup:

Male lesser scaup:

I saw these geese first thing in the morning.  32 of them heading east:

Baby Bob:

And, finally, some turkey vultures.  I don't know why that one was holding his wings out, perhaps to cool off.  They ate a dead fish nearby.

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