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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cloudy day. Louie and his ducks

Juvenile Cormorant
First thing I took a photo of was a juvenile cormorant with his whitish neck and belly.  

In the photo below is Buffy.  He's been treated as an outcast lately and gets chased around a lot.

Lesser scaup are getting ready for their spring migration.  

Louie has been acting really strange and swimming around in unusual areas.  Here he is with Big Daddy (AKA: Cinnamon, Paprika) in a weird spot over where the swans used to swim by a big drainage pipe in Padre Bay.  He's just slowly swimming around the edge of the lake making his way around to the other side.  For some reason, he doesn't like crossing over very deep water.

He likes to herd and direct the ducks:

Update on Baby Gull:

I heard from a staff member at the lake that they received an email from Project Wildlife stating that a patient they brought in had died.  The staff member said that they hadn't taken in anything for a long time before Baby Gull and assumed it was the gull.  They did not email me, however, and I am not 100% sure that this was Baby Gull, but it probably was.  The other juvenile western gull is still at the lake begging from his mom.

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