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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family drama in George's territory

George's grandsons have been staying in their grandfather's old territory, currently held by Killer and D. Well, they were fine until today when their dad decided that they needed to leave. Killer chased them around and puffed himself up as did his mate, D. Both chicks were very submissive and made it clear that they weren't there to fight. They kinda need their parents right now so that they can learn a little more about evading predators and keeping a territory.

Killer is in each photo interacting with his sons. He was particularly interested in Killer, Jr.

George III lays down as his dad walks by. Perhaps a submissive gesture?

It's been warm the last few days, so many ducks were hiding. Both Curly and Pepper have not been seen for a while. Last time I saw Pepper, he, his mom and little sister almost got run over by a boat at the launch. I was calling them over at the time and they were running up to me when it almost happened. The guy launching the boat was very careful around them. I saw them later that morning, but haven't seen them since.

The one lone bossy duckling is enjoying himself on his own.

And, Ducky's ducklings are all doing well.

Here's some Pekins trying to cool off in the warm weather:

Doodle, the old, beat up wood duck is doing well. That's his tongue hanging outside his bill:

And, Grumpy and his friend went over to where Meanie died. Here's a photo of them near the feather pile. Later, they were seen lying on top of the feathers. I wonder if they ever think about Meanie.

Today, I saw a yellow-headed blackbird, this time a female. These birds are one of the first signs of the fall migration.

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