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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bob1 brings back her family

Sorry for the blurry photo of Baby Bob

Bob1, the spotted Sandpiper near the entrance to Lake Murray has come back and she appears to have brought back at least one juvenile with her. I heard another spotted sandpiper or two peeping in another area who could be her mate(s) or other chicks. Female sandpipers usually aren't involved with rearing their chicks, that's the males' job. But, the unspotted one seemed very attached to Bob1 and followed her everywhere and Bob1 didn't even try to attack the youngster (who also appeared to be female, but hard to tell).

Bob1 (in front) and Baby Bob (in back)

George III has been hanging out in his grandfather's old territories. But, I think he misses his brother, Killer Jr. terribly and constantly calls for him:

I found these two youngsters flirting in the ballfield across the lake. I thought it was Shy and her mate at first, but when I looked at the photo, I could see that the two were juvenile. I suspect that they might be Georgina and Spike.

Another baby coot hatched recently:

Pepper was spotted! No longer is there any signs of him being an all black duckling:

These two young ducklings were seen being very cute and following me around. Their voices are just beginning to change from peep to quack. They were friendly to everyone who stood at the shore and waited, expectantly, to get fed. Unfortunately, soon after I took this photo, a kid came by and pelted them with rocks. They looked OK when I last saw them, but I worry about their safety as even when they were being hit, they still stayed close to the person who was throwing the rocks.

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