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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wood ducks! Plus a bossy duckling seems sick

Lots of wood ducks have been seen lately. Here is a photo of Doodle, the old beat up drake. His right eye is now totaly swollen shut:

Here's a video of the wood duck family with 5 almost grown ducklings. I think I found two of them over with Doodle and the other adult males.

The "bossy" duckling that is by himself has been very lethargic in the morning. I almost picked him up. But, later in the afternoon, he's out with the other ducks acting normal. So, I left him alone. I saw him today and he was sleeping on his feet. It might just be that he's not a morning ducky. Here's a video of him. He's a on a graded boat ramp, so that's why he walks funny:

Just for fun, here is a video of the geese at the lake. I was feeding them romaine lettuce.

I also saw this new duck today:

Killdeer update:

George and most of his family seem to have moved away. Today, though, Killer was heard calling to another killdeer passing through. It's entirely possible that George flew over the hill to the San Diego River Channel as I got a strange response to some killdeer in the drainage ditch near the I-8 yesterday when they saw me.

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