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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Skimmers, godwits and ducks


Here are some photos of shorebirds I saw in the San Diego River channel on August 23rd in the morning.

I thought this was funny. I think this guy was fishing for mussels or something like that. All those egrets, plus some willets and gulls, were watching, very closely, what he was doing.


Godwits and skimmers:

There was also a big flock of sandpipers and I saw one juvenile spotted sandpiper. Also, lots and lots of cormorants and a few herons, too.

Back at the lake, nothing new is happening. The two ducklings that were being pelted with rocks were OK, but they still haven't learned to stay away from people with rocks. There were some little kids throwing pebbles, but didn't hurt them. The thing that gets me is how some parents pretty much condone them doing it and will not stop or take the child away once they start throwing things at the animals.

Anyway, here are a few photos of them. They are so friendly and love to follow me around:

Bossy Duckling seems to be feeling better and is changing into his big boy colors.

Pepper says hi, too. He's not very friendly with me right now for some reason and moves away if I approach. Such as change from when he was little and would run up to me:

Doodle says "Leave me alone, I'm tired". He showed his age today and was really lethargic.

One of the baby wood ducks was seen by himself:

And, the two baby coots are still around:

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