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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Things are changing at Lake Murray and around the region and it's getting harder to keep track of all the babies that have fledged and are moving around. Pepper and a couple of his siblings have been missing for almost two weeks now. I have searched everywhere for them and have found nothing. But, I did find this guy: Ducky!

Ducky was hard to track at the age that Pepper is now, so we may see Pepper again, soon.

The "bossy" duckling that is on his own is always sleepy. But, I think he's OK.

Killer Jr. is missing. It's the first time that I've haven't been able to find him since the day he left his mom and dad. George the third was hiding out with the ducks, then flew away:

Shy, her mate, Miracle and their male chick are still over in the M6 territory where I don't usually walk. George (Sr.) is also living nearby, too. I haven't gotten any photos of him since January, I think.

I found this recently fledged western gull with his parent, begging for food. Then, he harassed the ducks and played with sticks and other things in the water. Today, he was still hanging around his parents, calling for them to feed him.

And, here is a California gnatcatcher that I found bouncing around:

I expect to see some migrating birds arriving very soon.

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