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Saturday, July 2, 2011

George's grandchildren

I think I may have discovered more of killdeer George's grandchildren at Lake Murray. Here's a female that is hanging around with Junior. She's either his daughter (see the family resemblance) or she's looking for a mate. A similar-looking male was also seen in the area, before. Junior doesn't show any sign of chasing the male off or flirting with the female. Both look to be about 6 to 8 weeks old.


Also, here's one of Killer's offspring. He was chased around by a Cooper's hawk this morning for a long time, but luckily he was a little too fast for the hawk. I was so scared for him.

Killer Jr. (almost became hawk food today)

Kingbirds came and chased off the hawk. When the hawk came back, chasing a dove, the kingbirds went after him again. I think it's Big Mama's mate who usually prefers squirrels over birds. I'm guessing their chicks are getting ready to fledge as the parents seem to be hunting more desperately than before. Bad time for me to watch the birds because the hawks go after all the birds I like.

Cassin's kingbird

Here's some pictures of ducklings:

Boat dock ducklings, now 10 weeks old:


Peaches and the girls

More wood ducklings:

Ducky's ducklings:

Bossy ducklings:

A lone, weak duckling and mama:

And, some gadwall-mallard hybrid ducklings:

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