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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wood ducklings!

I took some of photos of the wood ducklings, now 3 weeks old. 7 of them are still alive:

Also, the bald killdeer chick may have been seen with her mom and/or dad. She's still having head feather issues, but is not totally bald. I could not get a photo of her through the fence.

It looks like Killer's two sons are hanging out together. Killer Jr. still hasn't figured out what to do with his tail:

Here's a photo of Big Mama Cooper I took. It's rare for me to get a photo of her, especially from the front, as she's always been wary of me. Look how big her talons are. Almost too big for her own good. I encouraged Pepper, his mom and little sister to leave the area before they get hurt.

Cinnamon was seen hanging out with the new Pekin and Swedish ducks whom have made themselves at home with them. I am worried, though, as coyotes regularly patrol this area and those two are very bright with their white feathers at night.

I *think* this might be Pip and Peeper, the ducklings I rescued last month. They're still together, though they do separate now and then. However, one won't let the other totally get out of their sight.

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