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Monday, July 25, 2011

New ducklings

There's still little ducklings coming out. This is the female that had the one disobedient duckling about a week ago. That duckling disappeared. Recently, she was spotted with this duckling.

It's been hot and all the ducks are laying in the shade and hiding most of the day, so it may seem like all the animals have disappeared at Lake Murray recently.

Here's the missing "bossy" duckling. I don't know where his mom is today, but I do know she checks on him now and then. He's looking a little thin.

Ducky's duckling sitting in the grass in the morning:

A baby coot being fed by it's parents:

This western gull is in it's third year, almost fully grown. I think it's mate/sibling was killed by a hawk recently:

The ring-billed gull is doing fine. His foot seems better, but he doesn't stand on it much. But, it is often used for grooming and it seems fully functional. He's molting right now:


Bob2, the spotted sandpiper, is back! And, she's lost most of her spots. It's a little early for her return. I couldn't get a photo of her as she flew off, screaming.

Also, two more geese, Grumpy and his friend, decided to visit Coyoteland across the lake. So far, nothing's happened to them. But, I think they're looking for food. I gave Louie some extra romaine lettuce I had today and he seemed extremely hungry.


The little male gadwall that used to hang around Alvarado Bay at Lake Murray is missing. I saw a pile of feathers that might have come from him nearby. There is no sign of the female gadwall with the two ducklings, but she's rarely seen.

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