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Monday, July 11, 2011

Junior leaves, Spike courts Georgina

I think Junior is gone from Lake Murray, but has left his daughter, Georgina in charge of yelling at me. She is so pretty with her many spots that I can't seem to get a picture of. She appears to be beginning a molt:


Yesterday, Spike and his cousin, George III, were spending time flirting with Georgina. They're both going through a hard molt, shedding their baby feathers for big boy feathers. Spike looks worse because he's a bit older.


Finally got a photo of the killdeer at Bonita Valley Christian Center. I think these two might be two boys or a boy and a girl. I swore I saw a third one and I did see the dad, but never got a picture of her. They're almost a month old:

Here's a photo of mom.

Peaches' ducklings are doing fine. They were playing in a puddle on the sidewalk, which is weird because there's a whole lake for them to play and drink from. All the ducklings seem to be flying, but Pepper and his brother (the gray duckling), decided to walk down to the lake, instead.


When the got near to getting into the water, they picked on this older draklet (well, the gray duckling did) who had an injured leg:

The draklet took it out on Pepper:

Mom came up and told him to knock it off:

Didn't see the bossy ducklings, but Ducky's ducklings are all well.

I also saw this little tiny one all alone running around near a crow and seagull. When he saw me, he went into the water. After a few minutes, Big Daddy's daughter claimed him and he eventually settled down at her side.

Here's something unusual: A cool bee swarm at the lake.

I went to Famosa slough and got some photos which I will post later.

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