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Monday, June 27, 2011

More ducks and killdeers

I wanted to post some random photos of ducks and killdeer, today. These photos were mostly taken over the last week. Plus, I have some other birds, too, such as the juvenile blue heron.

First, ducks:

Peaches' ducklings are doing great and 6 of the 7 are still together. I think I saw the other one (a male) and one of his cousins from Caramel's family over where the big drakes hang out. Most of the ducklings from the two families are between 8.5 and 9.5 weeks old, which is old enough to be on their own. However, their moms have tight control over most them.


Also, a new family of wood ducks:

The bossy ducklings are still around, but are shy of me:

And, more tiny ducklings being hatched:

I haven't seen Poquito and Ducky's ducklings in a long time.

And, here's a coot thrown in for good measure. The kissing coot couple had at least two babies so far. Here's mom feeding one of them:

And, the killdeer are doing great. Though I haven't seen Miracle, I did hear her peeping in the brush while her mom and uncles were in the ballfields, eating. Here's a photo of two:

A young killdeer in Junior's territory

This is either Squiggy or Pollux

Also, as a side note, 3 little killdeer chicks were spotted at the Bonita Valley Christian Center this weekend. Last report is that they're doing well. Hopefully, photos will follow.

This morning, I saw the 2nd juvenile blue heron trying to fish on his own. I don't think he quite got it and went back out to find his parents again.

RIP Pidjee:

One day, though, I walked up on Big Mama Cooper's hawk in the process of killing a pigeon. The bird was still alive, screamed and tried to fly away when I spooked the hawk, accidentally. When I looked at it, I saw that it's keel had burst through the breast muscle, probably from the hawk crushing it. Also, one of it's legs was permanently damaged. He was too far hurt for me to help him. So, I put him in a brushy area so that he could have a peaceful minute or two and perhaps gain enough mind to escape if he could. I don't think he did, though. When I came back, he was gone with no sign of him at all. I think the hawk came back for him after I left. But, there is a slim hope that he found a way to escape.

The following pigeon photo may be considered morbid by some people, but I wanted to photograph him while he was still alive and intact so that everyone can remember him after he's gone. I know that's strange way to feel about a pigeon, but I feel that he needed to be remembered, especially because he was one of the friendly ones and fun to watch. I never named him (or her), though:

Because that pigeon died, Dee the killdeer could feed in that area in peace that day:

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