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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update on Tiny

I didn't bring my camera today, but Tiny is doing well and it appears that his girlfriend, or another female, has come back (or, it could be Firecracker, his sister). He is spending his time in a fenced area near where he grew up. However, this area is under construction, so he may have to move.

Tiny calls all day long to his parents. Once in a while, his parents come to comfort him, but then fly back to their spots. Tiny is not allowed to fly back to his parents. If he does, they will warn him with a kill-dee response which means to keep away.

I went over to see if I could see Tiny and when I called him, he became quiet. Later, a Cooper's hawk flew and landed nearby. Tiny flew off and his dad warned him away. I think he ended up in someone's yard nearby. So, he and his parents were OK when I last saw them. Glad to see that Tiny has a companion again.

The ducks are doing good. I saw Ducky, Oreo, Tom and the others, today.

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