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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Killer and Digger return

George's son, Killer and the M6 dad's daughter, Digger, returned to Lake Murray after a long absence. I doubt they will be there long and were most likely there to get some food and water. George, Martha, Tiny and Tiny's mate have not been seen in several days.

Digger and Killer were very nervous of me, but Digger less so than Killer:

Ducky was also around with the two brother and sister ducks that he spent most of his childhood with. The two males fight now and then, but not much. The sister duck likes Ducky as a mate, but her brother is very protective of her.

And, there were some cute wood ducks:

There were crows gathering in the trees near the dock. It looked like there was a hundred of them:

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