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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Seagull day

No sign of any killdeer, though I heard George calling from an area where I couldn't go. I fed Tom and Curly some food and they were such pigs that they ate it all.

I saw Bob2, one of the spotted sandpipers. I was worried about her as the last time I saw/heard her, she was screaming her head off at a red-tailed hawk. I was afraid she had been carried off by it. But, she's back and feeding:

All the ducks are doing very well. Here's Ducky, who still hasn't gotten his green head though he's over 20 weeks old now:

I saw these cute ring-billed gulls:

The juvenile behind these ring-billed gulls was playing with a cherry tomato or grape. A coot tried to take it away from him, but he got it back:

I think this is a juvenile herring gull playing with some leaves that fell in the lake. He seems to be trying to get the smaller, California juvenile gull to join in:

Here's what's left of "Jumpy" the gull that died a week or so ago. He took his final flight with the help of some vultures, who scatter all the dead animals all over the lake. This is now his final resting spot:

Jumpy's final flight

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