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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Busy day in George's territory

Martha, Killer and Digger

George had a lot of visitors in his territory at Lake Murray, unfortunately, someone came by as I was taking pictures, so I couldn't make out who everyone was. But, there were at least 7 killdeer there plus Bob1, the sandpiper.

George (in the background), rushes towards 2 other killdeer

Killer, George's son

Killer and Digger were there. Digger looked a little roughed up, but she might have been cold and had her feathers puffed out for warmth.


I saw the fat-banded male killdeer, one of the ballfield killdeer. I think the female next to him was Martha, but could possibly be Shy or Firecraker. I think Tiny and his mate were there, too.

The Three Musketeer ducks: Ducky was seen mating with the female of the group, though her brother wanted to participate. However, Ducky (and his sister) wouldn't let him. Ducky still hasn't gotten his green head and he still has the plumage of a young duck. He could have a little hybrid blood in him, or it might be due to his late hatching and he may get his full colors in the fall.

Tom was there and he was really hungry. He wouldn't stop following me around. There are new signs at the lake telling people not to feed the birds. They claim it's harassment of the animals and cite a fish and game hunting code about feeding animals. However, that code was meant to say that hunters may not feed animals for the purpose of attracting them to a spot where they can be hunted (or harassed), not to feeding birds in city parks or backyards.

Here's a pretty wood duck:

Oreo and Big Daddy 2:


And Cinnamon:

Here she is with three of her suitors, two of which are "chocolate" ducks. The fourth suitor was not in the viewfinder of the camera. Cinnamon still calls for males to join her. I think she likes that crested Rouen, but he gave up on her a while back. I think the one nearest to her is Chocolate 1:

Not seen in a while: Curly. But, he disappears now and then.

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