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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Poor Tiny, you must leave home now

Time for Tiny to go

The killdeer are back and they seem to be gearing up for the winter breeding season. Already, young males are beginning to spar and older couples are returning to their former breeding grounds.

The friendly killdeer, possibly Surprise

I'm not sure who this young male is

I think this is the M6 mom

In George's feeding area, Tiny is getting the boot from mom and dad. Both parents are puffing up and trilling at him when he comes too close. George is being very gentle, but firm. Occasionally, he will walk up to Tiny, do a small scrape in the ground, and sit on it as if it was a nest. He seemed to be saying that he's ready to nest again and wants Tiny to stay away as he may be a threat to the new chicks.

Mom, Martha, comes up to "talk" to Tiny

Poor Tiny, he really seems to want to be with his parents, but tries to keep his distance and is beginning to get the message to stay away from them. I don't know what happened to Tiny's mate, so it's likely that Tiny will join the group of bachelor males that fly around harassing the territory owners and trying to steal their mates.

Dad, George, and Tiny have a "discussion".

Last year, George and Martha laid eggs around the beginning of February and Junior and Mary were probably hatched in early March.

Ducks and Geese:

I didn't see Cinnamon and the large crested mallard duck today, but I did see the rest of the males that were competing for her. I think she has finally chosen her mate and is off for some alone time with him. I did not see her today.

Those geese in the M4 area are getting even more aggressive and are hissing at me. It's not personal, they are that way with everyone. I did find a way to make peace with them. Find some ducks and start throwing food to the ducks and these geese will immediately change their attitude. I need to be able to get to that area to see which killdeer are going to breed there, so I should make sure I have treats when I go to that area from now on.

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