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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I went really early and found a couple people feeding the ducks while it was still dark.  Many of the ducks flew off as I came up.  But, then, as I was talking about Spoonface (Bossy), a little scruffy duck walked up.  At first, I thought it was Poquito, but then I saw the weird wing feathers and finally, I saw the orange ring!  It was Spoonface!  He has almost got is full colors and it looks like many of his flying feathers grew back.

You can still see the ring around his neck

Then, in a flash, he was gone.

Also there was who I think is Doodle's Placekeeper who was there with his female, but I'm not sure.

There was one bufflehead at the lake, here he is flying away:

All the geese were across the lake, including Jill.  Louie is too scared to go over there.  Here he is with Picked On.  I wonder if Picked On is a girl, maybe she's in love with Louie and that's why she doesn't want him to be with Jill.  But, I've seen them fighting, so I'm fairly sure he's a boy.

**Photo below may be graphic:

Final end for a lesser scaup, feeding the vultures.  I think he died naturally and did not die a violent death.

To compensate, here is a living lesser scaup, female:

And, a whole bunch of lesser scaups in the same area, all alive, too.

Pepper was there along with his "normal" brother.  His "weird" brother was across the lake.

Pretty male Anna's hummingbird:

Compare that one to my mystery hummingbird.  I wish I could compare size, but the one below is very tiny.

And, finally, a decent photo of a Bewick's wren:

Update on the sick/hurt California gull.  The people who said they would take care of him claimed that they couldn't find him later on that day.  The next day, he was found dead near the water.  His photo will be added to the Lake Murray Birds Memorial Album on George Killdeer's page on Facebook.

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