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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby gull is sick

The big juvenile western gull at Lake Murray was found mostly paralyzed and weak this morning.  A worker moved him aside and I checked on him after two hours.  He was still in the same spot, not moving.  But, if you tried to touch him, he was ready and willing to bite.

Karen, who works for the water department, donated some money and he was taken to Project Wildlife for care.  Botulism or a bacterial infection may be the cause as it is not uncommon with birds who eat crustaceans.  

I am not a huge fan of gulls because they eat small birds, baby birds, and eggs, but they deserve to live like anything else does and they are only trying to survive.  I'm sure the animals don't like a lot of things that people do, too.

Also seen today were the herons on their nest.  There was a third heron nearby, but I think it was one of last year's offspring.  It didn't seem to have a mate.  Last year, there were two pairs, but one pair lost their eggs/chicks very early. 

I saw this black-crowned night heron in a tree, trying to sleep.

Somebody complained about the osprey nest being an eyesore because they never use it.  While they don't raise chicks in the nest, they do like to use it for resting and eating.

These lesser scaup were really friendly.  Usually, when they first arrive at the lake, they're very scared of everything and don't approach the shoreline.  However, about this time of year, they are more relaxed and will come up to get food or a closer look.



Pepper was seen today with a big hole in his chest.  He's been a bad boy and picking fights, lately.  He's still in love with his mom, too.

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