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Monday, January 23, 2012

Rain today

You can see the rain in the above photo.  That's the mystery hummingbird.  Below, is another similar hummingbird that was close enough to me so that the flash illuminated her orange-ness.  So, I think they're rufous or Allen's hummingbirds.

Another sick young gull, time, a California gull.  He's more mobile then the other one, but very weak.  Didn't even want to get out of the rain.  He's also got a busted foot.  The lady that helped me last time wasn't there, so I had to leave him.  Another staff member said he would take care of him later, but I don't know if they will remember.  I don't think he'll make it much longer.  He is acting like Hop-a-long Bill was before he died.

Here's a photo of a spotted towhee:

Somebody lost some of their feathers, probably one of the raptors.  I did see Big Mama Cooper and she was fine:

Big Daddy (whom I also found out is not only called Cinnamon, but Paprika, too), still hanging in there:

Cinnamon (with Pepper trailing after her):

When I first arrived, I could not find Louie!  But, his Canada goose friend was nowhere to be seen, also, so I figured they were together.  I saw them later.

This is Louie's companion, Picked-on.  I originally thought he was the one that was stolen last year, but, nope, this is him.  He's a total nutcase.  Him and Louie fight and I don't think Louie likes him, but he likes Louie and if Louie's not around, he will keep calling for him:

I've been seeing Not Pepper around lately, but he's being a pain to photograph:


Pepper's been very co-operative:

Haven't taken a photo of this guy in a while, it's Stumpy (Or Stubby-tail).  He was one of the ducklings hatched two years ago in Alvarado Bay:

And, finally, I thought I'd get a photo of Ducky, another duck I haven't photographed in a while, and his mate.  Ducky still never got his colors 100% and now he's beginning to molt again:

Bossy is still missing and I saw the Northern Harrier eating a coot where he was last seen.  I sure hope that she didn't get Bossy, too.  I also didn't see Hurt Wing and Curly, either.  It's possible that Bossy is hiding out until the hawk goes away.  Also, Peaches and Caramel were seen today, too.


  1. I just get so sad when I see injured birds - I know it's nature etc etc but I just can't help it :(

    1. I know. I really didn't want to leave that full, but I had no way to take him today. I need to get more pet carrying boxes and gloves and keep them in my car.

      I am really worried about Spoonface. I'm so scared that the hawk got him. I'm not ready to declare him dead because a few other ducks are missing and I'm hoping he's just hiding out.