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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Small birds and killdeer

Today, I took photos of small birds and killdeer at Lake Murray.  It was very cold this morning and many wild ducks were missing today, including Cinnamon, Bossy, Curly, Hurt Wing, Peaches, Pepper, and others.  All the domestic ducks and geese were accounted for.

First, here are some bushtit photos.  Bushtits never stay still, so it's often hard to get clear photos of them:

Next, we have a mystery hummingbird.  I saw this juvenile bird a week ago behaving much differently than the Anna's.  I thought it was a Costa's, then saw some orange-ness to it and thought maybe a calliope, Allen's or juvenile rufous.  Now, I think it's a Costa's again.  

I'm still on a quest to get a good common yellowthroat photo.  While this one was in a good position, it still came out too blurry.  

I saw a bunch of tree swallows, where else, in a tree!  They were swarming back and forth from the tree and across the lake:

Next, are the killdeer.  I've lost track of identifying many of the killdeer, but I think the first is either Martha and George or Martha and her daughter who looks like George.  In the third photo down, George III can be seen to the right.  Other than that, most of the photos look like the rest of the juveniles as well as a few from across the lake.


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  1. Oh, I just love the photo with the swallows. It os so artistic and captures the species movement so well.

    Of coure I love all your photos! I can't wait to see the cature of the yellowthroat in photography. They ones you have are beautiful, even if blurry.

    Little birds make my heart flutter. I never get tired of watching them.