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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Itchy dancing killdeer

The happy itchy couple

Digger's been really scratching her back lately, mostly in one spot. Killer is doing it, too. But, that doesn't stop him from doing his happy dances.


Aren't I cute? Says Digger

Across the lake, there were two geese right where the M4 killdeers were. After being bit by them, my camera battery died, so I only got a couple of shots. Here is the male doing some sham nesting:

After the geese left, the female and Bob2 the sandpiper came dancing around, but I couldn't get a photo of them.

All the ducks and other geese are doing well. Cinnamon seems to be dropping eggs everywhere and not incubating them. More reports about ducklings are coming in . Tom and Curly were behaving like jealous children when I gave Tom some catfood. But, everyone managed to eat some of it. Here's a photo of Curly. I also did an article on Examiner.com about him.

Ducky was seen, too. He must be fighting a lot as he's got a huge chunk of feathers missing from his front chest that weren't missing last week:

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