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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Killdeers getting excited about nesting

Digger (front) and Killer doing the dance

The killdeers are getting really excited about nesting season. I saw Killer and Digger doing the mating dances. Sorry for the blurry pictures, I didn't want to scare them off.

Killer was kind enough to show me his beautiful tail:

Killer says, "see my pretty tail"?

Ooops, I'm stuck

Syke! I wasn't really stuck. Look, we can walk on water!

I also saw this new duck at the lake. Not sure if he flew in or not. I hope he's not a new dumpee:

These geese were in the ballfields. The gray one bit me a few days ago:

The M4 male and his female were around on the other side of the lake. As usual, the female made herself difficult to photograph, so here is the male again:

George came to visit his old breeding area for some reason. He screamed and ran around like he had chicks there. When I left the area, he did the "where are you" call for the chicks, of which there weren't any in that area, I'm sure. Then, he left.

The friendly killdeer, Surprise, was chased off of George's and Killer's feeding area. He was probably looking for Firecracker again.

Before I left, I saw this pretty male quail. He was calling for a mate in an area where I don't usually see quail.

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