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Friday, April 22, 2011

Ducklings and killdeer chicks doing OK

The beautiful dad

I only saw four ducklings with the mom. However, another female, one that looks like Ducky's mom or Butterscotch has been hanging around the family a lot lately. A couple of days ago, she duckling-napped a few ducklings while the rest of the family went off with mom.

Today, the other female was nowhere to be seen, but I have a feeling that the rest of the ducklings (or most of them) are with her and the mom looked like she was slowly bringing this small group over to them. She's being real careful not to cross the lake with them where they may be eaten by the bass. I just hope she found a safe place for all of them. She kept flying back and forth in the area, probably looking for a safe place or for the rest of her group.

Beautiful dad and his mate have been moving their chicks all over the place. A couple of days ago, they moved them right into another pair's breeding area. Today, the were closer to where I first saw them after they hatched.

Dad was worried because I stood between him and his chicks' hiding place

When I moved away, Mom kept an eye on me while dad checked on the babies

I couldn't be certain, but I think I heard all four of them, peeping. One was extremely loud. One seemed to be imitating their dad's mobbing/worry call. Or, he could have been in trouble as I saw raccoon or possum tracks in the area.

Checking on the babies

Cinnamon and her friends were hanging out in the same area. Hope they don't eat the chicks:

Sorry this next picture is blurry, I wanted to show everyone Bob2's pretty spots. She is now in her summer plumage or almost there. Normally, spotted sandpipers migrate out of the area to breed. I usually see them leave around mid to late May:

Digger's new name:

Digger and Killer are doing well. Killer has his hands full with Junior who is picking fights with him. Digger is going to get a new name: Dee or D. The reason why is that two of her baby brothers are also diggers and Digger doesn't dig anymore. So, her new name is Dee.

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