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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tiny sleeps in the ballfields

Today, I decided to visit the lake right before sunset. I saw Tiny in Alvarado Bay near some people feeding the ducks and the geese. I took some pictures of him before he got upset and started flying really, really high in the sky. He made deet calls all around Alvarado Bay before departing as if to tell his parents where he was going.

Tiny at Alvarado Bay

I watched as he flew very high then dropped down at the ballfields. I went over there and found him totally alone in an empty field. No other killdeer were around. He was out in the open and seemingly falling asleep. I watched for a while and saw no hawks, owls or anything else that would hurt him, though I still worried about him being all alone without a sentry to make alarm calls. But, I will be back tomorrow morning to check on him.

Going to bed in the ballfield

I'm glad he's going to the ballfield and socializing with the other killdeer, maybe he'll get together with Digger. I think the other killdeer probably showed up later, after dark, and kept him company.

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