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Friday, September 24, 2010

Phoebes are everywhere!

Phoebe on my TV antenna

I've been noticing a lot of black phoebes in my neighborhood. But, now, we have one that likes to live near my pool! He's also a really loud caller/singer, too and has been aggressive with the finches. I think he's a juvenile and may be the offspring of the phoebe that lives near the building next door.

I couldn't get a photo of it at the pool, so I got a couple of photos of it on the TV antenna.

I've been noticing a lot of black phoebe birds in this neighborhood.

Here he is with a hummingbird who came to check him out:

The Lake Murray Killdeers:

The killdeers at Lake Murray are going nuts! They've been flying around to different areas of the lake, fighting and calling. Killer (George's son) and Shy (a grown chick from across the lake) have been flirting heavily with each other, I even saw Killer do a nest scrape and she inspected it. I think she wants to nest at Padre Point, but I don't know if she's old enough to lay eggs, yet. George and Shy's dad constantly argue with each other, however, George is very tolerant of his grown son being around. It's quite a difference between how he acts with his sons and how he acts with the M6 Dad.

In the "chick" area beyond the fenced area, something strange was going on. It sounded like two killdeer were being attacked by a predator. Other birds even flew out, I think they were mockingbirds. I didn't see any predators, but, one killdeer was "walloping" another one and giving it severe "leave us alone" calls. It may mean that there are still baby, flightless chicks there and Martha may have been trying to keep a strange killdeer away from them. We shall see. Hopefully, if there are babies there, they're alright. I don't hear any baby killdeer peeps. Perhaps it was Martha chasing a male away from her daughter.

All the killdeer are mixed up, it's hard to keep track of where each one is and I'm not going around the lake trying to find them.

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