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Friday, September 17, 2010

George spends the afternoon with his sons

George and Martha's Family

George was seen in his feeding area at Lake Murray, San Diego, with his two sons. It's amazing how much bigger Tiny is than his dad and how much weight George has lost. All three seemed to get along, though sometimes Tiny would get a little aggressive with his dad and brother, but his dad reminded him of who the boss of the territory was whenever Tiny acted out. Killer stayed off by himself, but not totally. Whenever he flew close to Tiny and George, both killdeer would do territorial calls, but then calm down after a few minutes. Neither juvenile made any aggressive move towards their dad and often chirped at him when they got nervous. Eventually, Killer went off on his own and Tiny and his dad continued feeding together.


His dad, George, not seen for a long time

Killer, keeping his distance

Ballfield Killdeer:

Many of the ballfield killdeer were gone save for three. One was an unknown female that may have been the M6 mom all alone. Shy was in another field with an unknown killdeer, possibly a male. The other killdeer didn't look like her dad. Both kept their distance from each other and didn't seem to want to get too close to the other.

Shy, without her dad for the first time I've ever seen

This killdeer seems protective of Shy, but keeps his distance. Don't know who it is, possibly her brother, Secret

Also seen:

Since it was mid to late afternoon, many of the birds were in hiding. Children often come and throw rocks in the lake or chase the birds around and many don't want to deal with that. The mornings have been foggy and I wanted to get shots of birds in the afternoon sun. But, very few of them were out. Even the ducks were hiding.

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