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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ring-bills, teals, and woodpeckers

There's still at least one teal at Lake Murray.  Here she is with a male mallard.

There are so many coots, scaups, and ruddy ducks now:

Baby Blue, the dumped domestic duckling,  seems to like to eat Mazuri waterfowl food. He's gotten a lot larger, lately:

Though he is now mostly feathered out, his feathers are not in good condition.  I suspect that his previous owner didn't feed him very well and now he's growing up on junk food.  I hope his condition improves:

I found this blue heron standing on a railing.  I guess if they can hang onto branches, they can stand on a rail.  I think this might be the mom heron or one of the babies.  Mom heron was very grayish like this one:

Finally saw some ring-billed gulls, three young ones:

This Nuttall's woodpecker was out in the open when I first saw him, but when I turned the camera on him, he began to hide from me:

Someone said they spotted a glaucous-winged gull there, but I didn't see him.

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