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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sunrise with ducklings

One duckling was swimming with his eyes closed

I got to the lake right after sunrise, but I didn't have time to take many photos.  The moon was beginning to set:

Yellow-cheeks still has her two ducklings, but two big herons were in her area, so she was being very cautious.  Since there weren't that many people fishing there today, she took her time going to her usual spots.  The gulls spotted them, but didn't attack.

I took some photos of this duck, hoping it was Neo, but I think it's Indy.  (Actually, I think Neo was right at my feet as I took this photo, but walked away).  Fish Food Mama's ducklings are three months old today.  I saw Indy's two sisters with another youngster and I think his two brothers and mom was nearby.  He still has a squeaky voice, but you can hear the drake rasp making its way to the surface.

Though I didn't have time to take a picture, I think I also saw Bossy duck, but didn't see his ring, but it might be under his feathers.  He had a little crease in the feathers near where I last saw the ring.  He's still a cutie-pie.  And, I think I saw Ducky, too, and the eight mallard duckling drop-offs and the four Pekin dumpees.  I also saw the two young killdeers, one still has his fuzzy down chest.

This Forster's tern doesn't have to pay attention to no fishing signs.  Actually, I think it's a female waiting for her mate.  She looks like she's molting.

The Cooper's hawk is molting, too.  Here's one taking his morning bath.  When he flew off, a green heron nearby had a huge fit.  I don't even think the heron knew he was there and screamed for over a minute or two.

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