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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Still 7 ducklings

Well, the 7 ducklings made it through another 24 hours and have even grown a little larger!  Here is a short video/slideshow I made.  Excuse the bad video part because of the stupid camera I use.

The ducklings were looking for a place to cool off.

People were feeding the ducklings and one or two got stepped on a lot, but seem to be OK.  Most of the ducks were very careful not to step on any babies and most of the babies quickly got out of the way of the adults. One duckling did get nipped by an adult male duck, but was OK.

I noticed, today, that the ducklings are sticking closer to each other and to their mom and not running all amok as they had been for the last few days.

Here's all 7 of them at once.  The little normal colored one closest to mom is heavily bonded to her.

I can remember when this little guy was barely bigger than the slats in the boat ramp just a few days ago:

I didn't know they were under the floating dock and accidentally scared them out from underneath it.  They were so cranky and, instead of peeping like ducklings, they sounded more like bird chicks.

Cinnamon was there and she got a severe thrashing by Mama because she got too close and almost stepped on her babies.  Cinnamon and her boyfriends are more than twice Mama's size.  She not only took on Cinnamon, but her largest boyfriend, too.  Mama can be very vicious and all the bigger ducks stayed far away from her.  They weren't really after her ducklings, but the food people were throwing at all the ducks.

When I left, I think there was still seven ducklings, though it was hard to see all of them because they were hiding.  

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