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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New ducklings!

Saw several new baby ducks today, at Lake Murray in San Diego, all about a week old, I think.  Some had eye stripes that went all the way to the back of their heads except one.

Their little tail feathers are in pin, I think, which is why I guessed them to be about a week old.  They were also at least double the size of a hatchling.

I think this is the female who was trying to steal her sister's/mother ducklings a month ago. I also think that this is the mate of the male snowy mallard.  They are very faithful to each other and it will be interesting to see how the ducklings turn out.

She took them, immediately, to an area far away and I didn't see them later.

Bye bye, babies!

I also saw the mom with the two older ducklings, too.  They seem to have grown a little.  It is very hot today and it might be very hot for the next few days.  Plus, possibly, thunderstorms.   I don't know what kind of effect the weather will have on all these little ones.

Pepper's wing has healed a little, but he can't seem to move his pinion joint too much.  As a result, his primaries have become worn and stripped.  Hurt wing's wing is also the same way.   He is still moving his wing around a bit, though.

Update on the brown pelicans:

The adult brown pelican was found on the boat docks at Lake Murray, very sick and covered with ants.  Sea World came down and took it away.  Today, two juveniles were seen and here is a photo of one just after he caught a large fish.

Two juvenile willets came to visit.  

They were just there to find some snails and bugs to eat.

 Saw a couple of pretty white pigeons.

And, finally, a juvenile northern mockingbird:

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