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Thursday, August 9, 2012

One hot duckling!

The temperatures around the area where the lake is at have been hovering around the mid to upper 90s, so I was really worried about how the ducklings, which have hatched recently, would do in this weather.  In the morning, I saw absolutely no ducklings, not even the ones I've been watching for the last three weeks.  However, in the afternoon, I finally found the one across the lake that everyone's been telling me about, but I haven't seen until today.

I guess there were three ducklings at one time and now there is one.  However, this can't be the missing duckling from the other brood as it is, at least, a week younger.  There might still be another little duckling out there that is a bit older in this area.  This duckling had absolutely no problem with the hot weather in the peak of the afternoon, it was almost as if he didn't feel it.

I haven't figured out who the mom is, but she looks a lot like Peaches, Caramel and Butterscotch. I have ruled out Caramel's two daughters, Duckling-napper, and Butterscotch's daughter. She also looks a lot like one of Bossy's sisters and that's who she might be.

This young female in the next photo seems to be looking for someone to mother her.  I've seen her before and her last best friend was the mom who had the small ducklings in my last post.  She appears to be about 2 1/2 months old and is still peeping and not quacking.  She followed this mother around today, peeping very loudly.  So far, all the females she has followed around have been very patient to her and have not driven her off.  I'm not sure who she is, but her age puts her in the range of being one from the mom with four ducklings (who was down to two and whom I managed to distract a gull from eating them), or the last duckling of a female who lost all her ducklings almost in one day to the gulls and was on the verge of losing that one.  The mother of that one was seen without any ducklings the next day, so I'm fairly certain this is not that duckling.  The former mother disappeared with her two ducklings soon after the gull attack, so this is, most likely, her duckling.

There was also a new coot family seen with two chicks:

Not much going on with the killdeers, I saw only the three males:  Pollux, his son and his baby brother.  I did not see the fourth male, whom I can't identify, today.

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  1. I really like how you create the whole "family" thing. I have been listening to a book again this week that is really terrific. I think you would like it,"Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals" by Marc Bekoff